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New plant introductions and unusual containerized Woody Ornamentals, Vines, Perennials, Grasses, and Ferns are featured at Pleasant Run Nursery. Our focus is on native plants and hard-to-find solutions to site problems such as deer, shade and moist or dry sites. We are open all year and encourage you to visit the nursery to discover new plant varieties for your Garden Center or landscape projects. We also offer deliver within NJ and surrounding states from CT to MD.

Show Plants ONLY with Available Inventory

The Advanced Search has been enhanced to allow users to search for ALL plants that meet their criteria or ONLY plants that are currently availability.  This will limit the results to only display options for plants that can immediately be purchased, helping to avoid customer disappointment (plant is not currently available).  Please note: This will not include or account for Future Crops.

This NEW tool is on the bottom of the Advanced Search page, just about the “Begin Search” button.

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