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New plant introductions and unusual containerized Woody Ornamentals, Vines, Perennials, Grasses, and Ferns are featured at Pleasant Run Nursery. Our focus is on native plants and hard-to-find solutions to site problems such as deer, shade and moist or dry sites. We are open all year and encourage you to visit the nursery to discover new plant varieties for your Garden Center or landscape projects. We also offer deliver within NJ and surrounding states from CT to MD.

Safeguarding your Boxwood Supply

Your Success is Important to Us

As many of you are already aware, the threat of Boxwood Blight is increasing in our area. At PRN, we are taking additional steps to provide healthy Boxwoods. First, we only source from growers who can provide Boxwood Compliance Certificates. Additionally, we are limiting access to our Boxwoods at the nursery. This is being done to reduce the risk of spreading the disease to healthy plants. Boxwood Blight is often transmitted through spores carried on shoes and clothing, and resistant but healthy Boxwoods have been shown to carry the disease as well. Customers will be able to view and order Boxwoods from PRN but they will be a “PRN Pull Only”. These extra precautions will keep PRN clean from Boxwood Blight so you can feel reassured that you are purchasing healthy, disease free Boxwoods which will thrive at your job site.