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Cercis canadensis Whitewater
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Cercis canadensis 'Whitewater' PP23998

Redbud - Eastern

'Whitewater' ('NC2007-8')  Redbud combines a more vivid form of variegation with a broadly weeping habit. The pea-shaped flowers in April and May are a deep rose-purple, displayed on the bare branches. They are quickly followed by the heart-shaped leaves which emerge mostly white with green flecks, and mature to mostly green with white flecks. The weeping habit is an exciting addition to the bright variegated foliage.  An unusual cross of 'Silver Cloud' and 'Covey' by Dr. Dennis Werner of NC State.


8 Feet


6 Feet

Bloom Color


USDA Hardiness Zone

Current Availability
Qty Avail Description Future Crop
5 Cercis canadensis Whitewater #7 3-4' (weeping, green/white foliage)
0 Cercis canadensis Whitewater #10 4-5' (weeping, green/white foliage) 25
Characteristics & Attributes
Black Walnut Tolerant
Clay Soil Tolerant
Deer Resistant
Food Source for Wildlife
Tree - Ornamental (<30')
Foliage Color
Variegated: Green/White
Bloom Time
Full Shade
Partial Shade/Shade Tolerant
Soil Conditions
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