Rhododendron atlanticum

Coastal Azalea

As its common and species name imply, Rhododendron atlanticum is a deciduous Azalea that is native to the coastal plain regions of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and along the Eastern seaboard as far south as Georgia. A small-to-medium sized shrub that typically ranges from 2-3’ but can occasionally reach 6’ in height, Coastal Azaleas are also sometimes considered to be Dwarf Azaleas due to their short stature. Light pink to white blooms appear in terminal clusters from April to May and produce a somewhat musky fragrance – in fact, the potent aroma of Rhododendron atlanticum is a sought-after trait for many Azalea breeding programs, and is often used to help cultivate sweet-smelling Azalea varieties. Flowers attract various pollinators including hummingbirds, butterflies and bees. The Azalea Society of America lists this species as one of the seven in the “White Group” category, the majority of which are native to the Eastern United States.

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