Hamamelis virginiana

Common Witchhazel

Hamamelis virginiana, native to the entire North and Southeastern regions of the United States from Canada to Mexico, is a flowering deciduous shrub found in low-lying mesic and riparian zones throughout its habitat. Common Witch Hazel, as it is often called, prefers moist, well-draining soils, although is capable of handling nutrient-poor and heavy clay soils and helps to stabilize soil in areas where erosion is an issue. This fall-blooming shrub displays its bright, lemon-yellow flowers between October to December, earlier than its winter-blooming Ozark cousin, Hamamelis vernalis. The enticing floral fragrance makes Hamamelis virginiana perfect for adding to the sensory garden, while the resulting fruit capsules that develop the following fall make good forage food for small mammals during the winter months in the naturalized woodland garden or native habitat. Hamamelis virginiana exhibits good shade tolerance, and the astringent stems, bark, and leaves are great for resisting deer.


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