Amelanchier laevis

Alleghany Serviceberry

Amelanchier laevis has white flowers in early April. The reddish purple fruit of Allegheny Serviceberry is loved by birds. Good reddish orange fall color of Amelanchier laevis makes it a wonderful landscape choice to provide interest for each season. A wet site tolerant plant, A. laevis has an added attribute of retaining its leaves throughout the summer unlike A. canadensis, and it also has heavier and fewer stems forming the clump.


Qty Description Comments Future Crop Future Crop Ready Date
0 Amelanchier laevis #10 (M.S.) (NATIVE-white) 40_30 8/1_8/1 Login for pricing
0 Amelanchier laevis #15 (M.S.) (NATIVE-white) 10 8/1 Login for pricing
0 Amelanchier laevis #5 (M.S.) (NATIVE-white) 50 8/1 Login for pricing
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