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Lindera angustifolia - Fall Color

Lindera angustifolia

Spicebush - Greybush

The leathery narrow green leaves of Greybush Spicebush turn the most spectacular combination of orange, red and purple in fall. Leaves are held throughout the winter, turning a very attractive tan. Since it holds its leaves, Lindera angustifolia (formerly glauca var. salicifolia) is a good screening alternative for traditional evergreens. Shiny black small fruit appears in the fall. It is Landscape Architect Michael Van Valkenburgh's newest favorite all-season shrub.

PRN Preferred: Super shrub!  Attractive all four seasons.  In the fall, many customers have asked "What's that shrub that looks like it is on fire?!".  Truly, unbeatable fall color.


10 Feet


6 Feet

USDA Hardiness Zone

Current Availability
Qty Avail Description Comments Future Crop Future Crop Ready Date
0 Lindera angustifolia #3 15-18" (form. glauca var. salic.) 350 mid July
0 Lindera angustifolia #7 3-4'+ (form. glauca var. salic.) Full foliage 400 late July
0 Lindera angustifolia #10 4-5' (form.glauca var. salic.) 200 late July
Characteristics & Attributes
Cut Branches
Deer Resistant
Fall Color - Attractive
Fruit - Ornamental
Winter Containers
Winter Interest
Soil Conditions
Partial Shade/Shade Tolerant
Special Recognition
PHS Gold Medal Plant
Pleasant Run Nursery Preferred Selection
Foliage Color
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