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Websites of Interest

Below are a few website we have found that have proved, helpful, informative and resourceful.  Enjoy and happy surfing!

Audubon  Plants for Birds

You can simply enter your zip code to use Audubon’s native plants database and view a list of the best plants for birds in your area. 

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Rutgers University  Landscape Plants Rated by Deer Resistance

This site lets users get a list of landscape plants rated according to their resistance to deer damage. The list was compiled with input from nursery and landscape professionals, Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) Cooperative Extension personnel, and Master Gardeners in Northern N.J. 

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Missouri Botanical Gardens (MOBOT) Plant Finder

Look up, view a photo and read about the over 6,800 plants which are growing or have been grown in the Kemper Center display gardens (plus selected additions) by scientific name, common name and/or selected plant characteristics. 

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American Beauties/Native Plants  Landscape Plans

Create a garden easily with planting suggestions from American Beauties Native Plants (Bird Lover's, Dry Shade, Butterfly & Moist Sun)

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ASPCA  Toxic and Non-Toxic Plant List (Dogs)

A guide containing images and information about toxic and non-toxic plants. 

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Rutgers Gardens  Rain Garden

The intent at Rutgers Gardens was to design and develop a garden that had all the positive environmental aspects, yet remained attractive throughout the year with minimal maintenance.  Check out how they achieved their goal.

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Cornell Botanical Gardens  Bioswale Garden

As part of the project to build the Nevin Welcome Center, a new parking lot and the adjacent bioswale were completed in 2010. The bioswale is designed to slow and clean storm water runoff from the parking lot while providing an attractive garden landscape which is more ecologically-minded than a traditional storm drain system.  Check out how they achieved their goal.

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High Line  Plant List

Ever wonder what plant you saw on your last visit to the High Line.  Their complete plant list as of 2/1/2017 is a click away.

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Mt Cuba Plant Trials

Mt Cuba's research team uses the Trial Garden to evaluate native plants and related cultivars for horticultural and ecological value, and to highlight the ecosystem services native plants provide.  The link below will provide you with a detailed summary of what the various trials revealed.

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New Jersey Weed Gallery

Rutgers - New Jersey Agricultural Station has a wonderful website with photos of various weeds in our area.  Once selected the site gives more descriptive information about the weed but they do not suggests any weed control recommendations.

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