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Grower's Comments

More information leads to better decisions.  Our on-line and office availability are regularly updated with Grower's Comments by our Inventory Coordinator about plant conditions.  The legend below is a guide for some of the keys now appearing on the availability.

  • B&B - Bud & Bloom.
  • Fall color/Fall foliage - Plant is exhibiting optimal fall color change on foliage.
  • Full Bloom - Full Bloom
  • Gorgeous - Absolutely stunning, either beautiful blooms, buds, fascinating seedheads or fruits paired with wonderful foliage, or even just lovely and colorful foliage of top quality on its own.
  • Light tops - Well-established roots, but small heads, or "tops" of plants. Usually, a young or newer crop.
  • Landscape Grade - Short or sparse branching of plant.
  • Past Bloom - May still have some flowers but past full bloom.
  • Leggy - May look a bit stretched, but still has foliage on new shoots.
  • Reflushing - Was trimmed recently and is actively pushing new growth.
  • Retail Ready - Full foliage, buds/blooms and all around nice looking.
  • Seasonal look/foliage - Not a specimen - a bit past prime, fallen to the elements usually mid-summer (tipburn, discoloring, etc.).
  • Seedheads - Typically grasses or other crops with showy seedheads.
  • Summer Dormancy - Plant may not have attractive growth/foliage, but roots are still viable.
  • Trimmed - A crop that has been visibly trimmed, has not reflushed yet.
  • Variable - A crop that has both light tops and tops that are fuller, denser, more retail ready.