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Pleasant Run Nursery Availability

Inventory Last Updated on Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Our Winter business hours are Monday-Friday 8AM-3PM.  Last load is 30 mins prior to closing.  Closed Saturdays until Spring 2024.

We are a WHOLESALE Nursery ONLY - Please do not bring your pets to the nursery.

  • Minimum order for PICK UP is $500.00.
  • Minimum order for DELIVERY is $1,500.00.
    Minimum Order Quantities

    There is a six (6) plant minimum per plant for quart size, 1 and 2 gallon material, and a four (4) plant minimum per plant for 3 gallon material. There is no minimum for 5 gallon material and up.

    When ordering less than the minimum, please add:

    • $1.00 per plant for 1 and 2 gallon material and quart size material
    • $2.00 per plant for 3 gallon material

    While we are more than happy to accommodate orders of any size, we will be adding a convenience fee to 1, 2 and 3 gallon material under the order quantity minimums. For 1 and 2 gallon material $1.00 will be added to each plant under six (6) for all individual line items. For 3 gallon material any quantity under four (4) will be assessed $2.00 per individual line item. There is no minimum for any material that is 5 gallon or larger.


    Orders may be booked and held for 30 days in advance.  If orders are not picked up or delivered after 30 days, they will be voided unless other arrangements have been made. 

    Please take a moment to browse our availability. If you would like to view our availability with pricing, click here to login to our wholesale page. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. The listing below allows users to filter by specific categories or search for a specific plant name or genera.  To learn more about a specific plant, simply click on the plant name and be routed to that plant record. 
Future crop quantities displayed with parenthesis (xx) represents next season's crops.  Future crop Ready Dates are approximate and are subject to change.