Buxus NewGen™ Independence® PP28888


New Gen™ Independence (‘SB108’) Boxwood was found as a chance seedling near Williamsburg, VA. The Boxwood Kings of Saunders Brothers selected it after years of observing Independence® because of its proven excellent resistance to both Boxwood Blight and Boxwood Leafminer. Buxus New Gen™ Independence® is the best replacement for English Boxwood in size and shape. The evergreen foliage maintains its deep green color well in the winter.

  • Category: Woody Ornamentals
  • Alternate Cultivar: NewGen™ Independence®
  • Patent: PP28888
  • Hardiness Zone: 6
  • Height: 3 Feet
  • Spread: 3 Feet


Qty Description Comments Future Crop Future Crop Ready Date
35 Buxus NewGen Independence #3 12-15 Login for pricing
18 Buxus NewGen Independence #5 (B&C) 18-21 Login for pricing
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