Catalpa speciosa


A North American native shade tree with a spectacular floral show, Catalpa speciosa is more than just meets the eye during its summer growing period. From May to June, ostentatiously large panicles of white flowers with orange and rose-violet spotted throats create a dazzling display, covering the large, heart-shaped foliage with abundant white clusters. The flowers provide nectar to various bees, wasps, and fly species. The medium-green, cordate leaves evoke a tropical feel, each capable of reaching up to 12” in length and providing a truly shady canopy during the heat of the summer months. Come autumn, 22” long, pod-like capsules that resemble cigars replace the former showiness of the floral structures, giving the entire tree a similar appearance as having Spanish moss. It is for these capsules that the Northern Catalpa gets its other common name, cigar tree. Northern Catalpa tends to be highly adaptable to a variety of site conditions including poor, dry soils, but it has a preference for loamy, moist soils. The landscape versatility of Catalpa speciosa help to make it not only drought tolerant, but able to tolerate urban environments and areas prone to pollution.


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