Chelone glabra 'Black Ace'


‘Black Ace’ Turtlehead does extremely well in moist and wet locations, as it is usually found in swampy sites. The white flower spikes look like clusters of snapdragons, carried on dark green to blackish stems and leaves. The blooms appear in mid to late summer, and are an important nectar source for butterflies and other pollinators. Since Chelone glabra ‘Black Ace’ spreads by stolons, it eventually makes a large clump and can be used to stabilize pond and stream edges. Selected by Craig Moretz.

  • Category: Perennials
  • Alternate Cultivar: Black Ace
  • Hardiness Zone: 5
  • Height: 36 Inches
  • Spread: 24 Inches
  • Bloom Color: White


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