Ilex glabra Gem Box® PP27554

Inkberry Holly

Proven Winners® Color Choice® Gem Box® ('SMNIGAB17') Inkberry Holly is an exciting alternative to Boxwoods. The habit is round and full to the ground, without the bare branch look which many Ilex glabras exhibit as they age.  As Boxwood Blight becomes more of a regional problem, this tough native evergreen shrub will become more important for containers, low hedges and small round garden specimens.  New growth is spring has reddish tips which mature to small dark green leaves. 

  • Category: Woody Ornamentals
  • Alternate Cultivar: 'SMNIGAB17'
  • Patent: PP27554
  • Hardiness Zone: 5
  • Height: 3 Feet
  • Spread: 3 Feet


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