Juniperus x pfitzeriana (syn. chinensis) 'Old Gold'


A must-have for Juniper collectors the world over, Juniperus x pfitzeriana ‘Old Gold’ is perfect for taking over difficult patches of dry, poor soil, especially urbanized sites or ones prone to pollution. The bronzy gold to chartreuse needles of this low growing, spreading shrub is just an aesthetically pleasing plus to the landscape technicalities this hearty evergreen is capable of handling. Juniperus x pfitzeriana ‘Old Gold’ is considered a member of the Pftizer Juniper group, although it is commonly referred to as a Chinese Juniper. ‘Old Gold’ Chinese Juniper is as beautiful as it is low-maintenance: within the first ten years of establishing itself in its site, it’s capable of reaching a spread of up to 5’, and will maintain its golden hue during even the depths of winter. Add to the front of the sunny rock wall where it can scramble around, or to the edge of a dry pathway to soften up a border. The ability of Old Gold ‘Chinese Juniper’ to tolerate adverse soil conditions such as loose, nutrient poor soils as well as regularly drought-prone soils make it ideal for difficult environments, or for waterwise or xeriscape gardens.


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