Lamium maculatum 'Beacon Silver'

Spotted Nettle

A perennial groundcover grown just as much for its flowers as it is for its foliage, Lamium maculatum ‘Beacon Silver’ dazzles onlookers with its silvery, green-veined leaves that give the plant a somewhat marbled appearance. From May to July, lavender-pink, lipped flowers emerge even in partial shade conditions, with best flowering occurring in more sun. ‘Beacon Silver’ Silver Spotted Deadnettle does quite well in dappled to partial shade conditions, and can be considered for growing beneath shade trees or within garden beds that have larger shrubs to contend with. Both rhizomatous growth as well as self-seeding techniques ensure the proliferation of this selection year after year, requiring little-to-no maintenance or division to ensure proper coverage. In mild winter climates, the silvery, beacon-like foliage remains evergreen, while it tends to stay at least semi-evergreen in even harsher zones. Even during the dead heat of summer, well-established specimens can tolerate periods of drought. Deer and rabbits tend to overlook Lamium maculatum ‘Beacon Silver’ entirely.

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