Paeonia 'Flame'

Herbaceous Peony

'Flame' Herbaceous Peony is a single red flowered, early blooming classic perennial.  The guard petals are bright rose-red, surrounding the showy yellow stamens.  In addition to making a great cut flower, Paeonia 'Flame' is a good source of pollen and nectar for bees and insects.

  • Category: Perennials
  • Alternate Cultivar: Flame
  • Hardiness Zone: 3
  • Height: 24 Inches
  • Spread: 36 Inches
  • Bloom Color: Red


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Learn More about Paeonia (Connoisseur's Selection)

We grow an outstanding selection of unique garden peonies, many of which we have grown for years in our own gardens with great delight.  Heights range between 2 and 3' and plants are hardy to zone 3 and 4.  Unusual flower forms, both double and single, make great cut flowers.  All are deer resistant!

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