Campanula x 'Sarastro'


'Sarastro' Bellflower is a hybrid from Sarastro Nursery in Austria, producing a neat green clump with beautiful dark purple downward facing bells held on 18" spikes.  Campanula x 'Sarastro' is a cross between C. punctata and C. trachelium, hybridized by Christian Kress.  Most Campanulas need cool summer temperatures to thrive, but 'Sarastro' Bellfloower is much more heat tolerant, which makes it a good candidate for mid Atlantic perennial gardens.  Use as a slow groundcover, or naturalized on the edge of the woods.

  • Category: Perennials
  • Alternate Cultivar: Sarastro
  • Hardiness Zone: 4
  • Height: 24 Inches
  • Spread: 24 Inches
  • Bloom Color: Purple


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