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Cornus alba Ivory Halo™

Cornus alba Ivory Halo™ PP8722

Dogwood - Tatarian

Ivory Halo™ ('Bailhalo') Tatarian Dogwood has brightly variegated leaves that emerge in spring with green centers surrounded by large ivory white margins. The flat topped creamy flowers in May and June are followed by white summer fruit. The fall color is pink and reddish purple, and the winter stem color is dark red and showy. Prune out older canes in the spring to maintain the winter stem show.


5 Feet


5 Feet

USDA Hardiness Zone

Current Availability
Qty Avail Description Future Crop Future Crop Ready Date
91 Cornus alba Ivory Halo #3 12-15" (green & white foliage)
34 Cornus alba Ivory Halo #7 18-24" (green & white foliage)
Characteristics & Attributes
Cut Branches
Fall Color - Attractive
Fruit - Ornamental
Winter Containers
Winter Interest
Twig Color
Soil Conditions
Partial Shade/Shade Tolerant
Attracts Wildlife
Food Source for Wildlife
Clay Soil Tolerant
Dry Shade Tolerant
Wet Site Tolerant
Foliage Color
Variegated: Green/White
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