Paeonia lactiflora 'Top Brass'

Herbaceous Peony

Some of the best kept garden secrets are within the mysterious specimens that encourage you to look more closely – Paeonia lactiflora ‘Top Brass’ is just that! Discrete, creamy yellow flower buds open to reveal fluffy, multi-colored petals of white and ivory, with canary yellow, soft peach and light pink tones unexpectedly brightening up the floral centers. The true double-petal “bombs”, as ‘Top Brass’ Garden Peonies are known to be called, attract various pollinators, and make a spectacular globular addition to fresh cut flower arrangements during late spring. Prior to the arrival of the pale, creamy buds, a mound of deeply divided, medium green foliage emerges, and persists in the landscape after the flowers recede. Paeonia lactiflora ‘Top Brass’ is not only highly prized for its lacy, fragrant blooms, but for its deer and rabbit resistance that keep it attractive all season long!


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Learn More about Paeonia (Connoisseur's Selection)

We grow an outstanding selection of unique garden peonies, many of which we have grown for years in our own gardens with great delight.  Heights range between 2 and 3' and plants are hardy to zone 3 and 4.  Unusual flower forms, both double and single, make great cut flowers.  All are deer resistant!