Phegopteris (Thelypteris) decursive-pinnata

Japanese Beech Fern

Phegopteris decursive-pinnata, known commonly as Japanese Beech Fern, is an Eastern Asian fern known for its ability to thrive in shaded woodland conditions, spreading slowly by rhizome to create dense colonies that are largely unbothered by deer and rabbits. While capable of handling heavier shade, Japanese Beech Fern does best in brightly shaded conditions, and can make a wonderful groundcover in the understory. The feathery, emerald green fronds develop circular, rusty orange sori on the undersides of individual pinnae, with a distinctive winged rachis running between each pinnule. The genus name, Phegopteris, literally means “beech fern”, while its specific epithet refers to the feathery pinnae that run down the stipe.

  • Category: Ferns
  • Hardiness Zone: 4
  • Height: 18 Inches
  • Spread: 16 Inches
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