Echinacea pallida

Pale Purple Coneflower

A tall drink of water for the meadow garden! North American prairie and grassland native, Echinacea pallida is ready to take over the full sun perennial garden as an incredibly low-maintenance, easily spreading, drought-tolerant Jack-of-all-trades. Echinacea pallida boasts slender, pale pink ray petals, held together by central chestnut-magenta disk-petals, like delicate pink daisies from June to August. Pale Purple Coneflower’s showy blooms are a favorite of both gardeners and pollinators alike – hummingbirds, various native bee species, skippers, butterflies, and moths are known to visit Echinacea pallida throughout its bloom period, while its foliage is a larval host for the Silvery Checkerspot Butterfly. Echinacea pallida is known for having high nutritive and medicinal value, acting as both a nourishing food source for livestock as well as having a long history of being used in traditional Native American medicine to treat respiratory illnesses and promote immunity. Despite its delectability to livestock, deer tend not to bother this plant too much. Visually similar to its cousin, Echinacea simulata, in many ways, Echinacea pallida can be differentiated by its narrow, slightly hairier foliage, white pollen, and earlier bloom time.


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