Lindera angustifolia

Greybush Spicebush

The leathery narrow green leaves of Greybush Spicebush turn the most spectacular combination of orange, red and purple in fall. Leaves are held throughout the winter, turning a very attractive tan. Since it holds its leaves, Lindera angustifolia (formerly glauca var. salicifolia) is a good screening alternative for traditional evergreens. Shiny black small fruit appears in the fall. It is Landscape Architect Michael Van Valkenburgh's newest favorite all-season shrub.

PRN Preferred: Super shrub!  Attractive all four seasons.  In the fall, many customers have asked "What's that shrub that looks like it is on fire?!".  Truly, unbeatable fall color.


Qty Description Comments Future Crop Future Crop Ready Date
0 Lindera angustifolia #3 24-30+ (form. glauca var. salic.) 500 8/1 Login for pricing
0 Lindera angustifolia #7 30-36 (form. glauca var. salic.) 400 8/1 Login for pricing
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