Eucommia ulmoides

Hardy Rubber Tree

If you’re looking to “wow” garden visitors with a criminally undervalued shade tree, look no further than Eucommia ulmoides. Considered rare in its natural mountainous, Chinese habitat due to overharvesting and slow growth, Eucommia ulmoides is the only surviving species within its genus, with existing populations heavily protected. Its scarcity in its natural habitat has encouraged the designation of Eucommia ulmoides as endangered by the IUCN, with remaining populations on the verge of going extinct in the wild. Known for the pliable, latex-like substance that can be processed from the dried bark, Eucommia ulmoides has acquired the common name Hardy Rubber-Tree. The strong, durable bark for which this tree is named is also known to house powerful medicinal properties that have long been revered in Traditional Chinese Medicine and have only recently been confirmed through science to have benefits. The Hardy Rubber-Tree’s hardiness extends to its ability to withstand drought as well as urban and compacted soil conditions. With its shiny green foliage and wide, dense crown making the perfect recipe for an attractive shade tree for street plantings and parks. Eucommia ulmoides is a dioecious species, requiring both male and female plants for pollination. In late summer and autumn, the glossy foliage of female trees is accompanied by waxy, chartreuse samaras. On top of everything, Hardy Rubber-Tree is largely pest and disease resistant – what’s not to love?


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Fruit - Ornamental
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