Rhus typhina Tiger Eyes® PP16185

Staghorn Sumac

First Editions® Tiger Eyes® ('Bailtiger') Staghorn Sumac has chartreuse and brilliant yellow finely dissected leaves with red stems. Rhus typhina Tiger Eyes® has striking orange and red fall foliage, and is an exciting new native for tough sites, from Bailey Nurseries in Minnesota. Prefers a dry site.

PRN Preferred:  Amazing foliage color both summer and fall, especially good in dry sites.

  • Category: Woody Ornamentals
  • Alternate Cultivar: 'Bailtiger'
  • Patent: PP16185
  • Hardiness Zone: 3
  • Height: 6 Feet
  • Spread: 5 Feet


Qty Description Comments Future Crop Future Crop Ready Date
110 Rhus typhina Tiger Eyes #5 3-4' (NATIVE) Login for pricing
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