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Dry Shade Tolerant Plants

Success! The following plants match your search request. We've included all matches below. Click on any plant to learn additional details.

Bottlebrush Buckeye

Aesculus parviflora

Creamy white flowers on Aesculus parviflora appear in summer on long panicles. Bottlebrush Buckeye offers golden yellow fall color. Aesculus parviflora is a wonderful addition to the landscape to attract hummingbirds. Our neighbor nurseryman Dick Karkalits says it is an absolutely foolproof plant for just about any location, and we agree.

H: 10 Feet  ·   S: 10 Feet  ·   Zone: 4


Ajuga reptans 'Black Scallop' PP15815

The deep purple shiny leaves of 'Black Scallop' ('Binblasca') Bugleweed have ruffled edges. Deep blue flower spikes appear on Ajuga in late spring. From Mike Tristram of the UK.

H: 3 Inches  ·   S: 6 Inches  ·   Zone: 6


Ajuga reptans 'Burgundy Glow'

The foliage of Ajuga reptans 'Burgundy Glow' is composed of stunning shades of pink, white and purple, with blue flower spikes adding to the show in late spring.

H: 3 Inches  ·   S: 6 Inches  ·   Zone: 6


Ajuga reptans 'Catlin's Giant'

'Catlin's Giant' Bugleweed has bronze leaves that are much larger than other Ajugas, sporting blue flower spikes in late spring. A rapid-spreading evergreen groundcover.

H: 6 Inches  ·   S: 12 Inches  ·   Zone: 4


Ajuga reptans 'Chocolate Chip'

'Chocolate Chip' ('Valfredda') Bugleweed has tiny purplish chocolate foliage with violet-blue flower spikes in late spring. This Ajuga makes an excellent groundcover around stepping stones. It came to the US from Italy.

H: 2 Inches  ·   S: 4 Inches  ·   Zone: 4


Ajuga reptans Feathered Friends™ 'Cordial Canary' PPAF

Violet blue flower spikes top low growing lime green to yellow foliage in spring. A colorful low groundcover to lighten up shady areas.

H: 6 Inches  ·   S: 18 Inches  ·   Zone: 4


Ajuga reptans Feathered Friends™ 'Fierce Falcon' PPAF

Short blue flower spikes top dark purple ground-hugging foliage in spring. A good spreading semi-evergreen groundcover for shade.

H: 6 Inches  ·   S: 18 Inches  ·   Zone: 4


Ajuga reptans Feathered Friends™ 'Parrot Paradise' PPAF

Cobalt blue flower spikes are held above flat tri-colored evergreen foliage in spring. The leaves are a combination of chartreuse, bronze and red.

H: 6 Inches  ·   S: 18 Inches  ·   Zone: 4


Ajuga reptans 'Pink Lightning' PP22255

Short mauve pink flower spikes above crinkled green and white leaves in mid spring. A semi-evergreen shade groundcover.

H: 6 Inches  ·   S: 6 Inches  ·   Zone: 4

Ornamental Onion

Allium x lusitanicum 'Summer Beauty'

'Summer Beauty' Ornamental Onion produces a quantity of flat refined strap-like leaves in spring, topped by soft pink round umbels on long stalks starting in June. Allium x lusitanicum 'Summer Beauty' continues blooming almost all summer, and the dried round seedheads add interest to the winter landscape as well. Try them spray painted cool colors (as our good friend Simple does), or added to dried arrangements. Roy Diblik of Northwind Perennial Farm loves using 'Summer Beauty', and told us he had first seen it thriving in someone's driveway.

H: 24 Inches  ·   S: 12 Inches  ·   Zone: 4


Anemone virginiana

From April to June, upright clusters of white flowers with yellowish brown stamens and central green pistillate structures appear over medium-green, tri-lobed foliage. Low maintenance, spreading groundcover good for deterring deer and rabbits.

H: 24 Inches  ·   S: 14 Inches  ·   Zone: 2

Black Chokeberry

Aronia melanocarpa 'Viking'

'Viking' Black Chokeberry has glossy dark green leaves which turn a striking red in fall. The white, spring flowers are followed by large purplish black fruit, which birds love (and they are full of anti-oxidants). The site adaptability (Aronia melanocarpa 'Viking' likes both wet and dry conditions) and the suckering habit make it an excellent shrub for reclamation use, as well as an attractive landscape plant. Dr. Mark Brand of Connecticut found this native beauty.

H: 6 Feet  ·   S: 6 Feet  ·   Zone: 4

Miniature Goat's Beard

Aruncus aesthusifolius

Miniature Goat's Beard has delicate Astilbe-like spikes of creamy white above deeply cut green foliage, blooming in June. Dr. Alan Armitage feels that Aruncus aesthusifolius is more heat tolerant than the bigger Aruncus, and he's right, from our experience here in New Jersey. Miniature Goat's Beard often produces attractive fall foliage in shades of bronze and purple.

H: 12 Inches  ·   S: 12 Inches  ·   Zone: 4

Goat's Beard

Aruncus dioicus

Goat's Beard has large white Astilbe-like flowers in June, held well above the plant. It prefers moist, shady locations and is particularly gorgeous planted in masses.

H: 48 Inches  ·   S: 24 Inches  ·   Zone: 5

Goat's Beard

Aruncus x 'Chantilly Lace' PP30740

Spikes of creamy white flowers over green foliage in late spring and early summer. Long lived and somewhat tolerant of drier shady sites.

H: 30 Inches  ·   S: 40 Inches  ·   Zone: 3

Goat's Beard

Aruncus x 'Misty Lace' PP15798

'Misty Lace' Goatsbeard is a cross between A. dioicus and A. aesthusifolius, resulting in a nice compact form with lots of creamy white Astilbe-like flowers in May and June. The intermediate size and reddish stems make Aruncus x 'Misty Lace' a lovely addition to the shade perennial garden. A selection by Dr. Alan Armitage of the University of Georgia, so you know it is happy in the heat and humidity. Likes a moist, humus-rich site.

H: 24 Inches  ·   S: 24 Inches  ·   Zone: 3

Canadian Ginger

Asarum canadense

The soft green leaves of Canadian Ginger appear in pairs in spring and are followed closely by weird, hairy, burgundy brown 3-lobed flowers. Asarum canadense spreads rapidly in forest understory sites. Deciduous.

H: 6 Inches  ·   S: 10 Inches  ·   Zone: 3

Chinese Ginger

Asarum splendens

The large shiny dark green leaves of Chinese Ginger have heavy silver mottling. The interesting burgundy brown flowers are found beneath the leaves. It is semi-evergreen and slow growing. Prefers a dry site.

H: 8 Inches  ·   S: 10 Inches  ·   Zone: 6

Blue Wood Aster

Aster cordifolius 'Avondale'

Lots of small light blue daisy-like flowers over fine green foliage in August and September. Tolerates shade well and is not attractive to deer.

H: 36 Inches  ·   S: 24 Inches  ·   Zone: 3

White Wood Aster

Aster divaricatus 'Eastern Star'

'Eastern Star' White Wood Aster is shorter than the species and has dark burgundy stems to set off the white daisy-like flowers better. 'Eastern Star' blooms in September and October, and tolerates poor soils. An introduction from Canyon Creek Nursery from a plant from coastal Rhode Island (New name is Eurybia divaricata).

H: 18 Inches  ·   S: 18 Inches  ·   Zone: 3

Big Leaf Aster

Aster macrophyllus 'Twilight'

A rosette of large heart shaped foliage is covered in late summer and early fall with lavender blue flowers.

H: 30 Inches  ·   S: 30 Inches  ·   Zone: 3

Japanese Painted Fern

Athyrium nipponicum 'Regal Red'

'Regal Red' Japanese Painted Fern lights up shady spots with a beautiful combination of silver and burgundy red coloration on the delicately cut fronds. The dark red is displayed primarily on the interior of the frond, and it leaches outward to bright silver outer edges. Although a slow spreader, Athyrium nipponicum 'Regal Red' will eventually colonize a shady location well.

H: 18 Inches  ·   S: 24 Inches  ·   Zone: 4


Aucuba japonica 'Emily Rose'

'Emily Rose' Aucuba is a dark green female selection with superior cold tolerance. The slender lustrous leaves are evergreen , and make a great setting for the large shiny red fruit. The berries color up in mid to late winter, and are retained well into the summer, providing a log lasting show. Any male form planted nearby will provide adequate pollination. Aucuba 'Emily Rose' was an introduction from Hines Nursery of California.

H: 5 Feet  ·   S: 5 Feet  ·   Zone: 6


Aucuba japonica 'Golden King'

'Golden King' Aucuba has dark green evergreen leaves that are vividly splashed with yellow. This cultivar is male, so it makes a perfect pollinator for good berry production on Aucuba japonica female plants.

H: 8 Feet  ·   S: 6 Feet  ·   Zone: 6