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Red Maple

Acer rubrum Armstrong Gold® PP25301

Green summer foliage turns bright golden orange in fall. Excellent street tree with good tolerance to a number of environmental conditions.

H: 40 Feet  ·   S: 12 Feet  ·   Zone: 4

Sugar Maple

Acer saccharum Legacy®

Dense, glossy, tatter-resistant foliage takes on an array of stunning reds, oranges and yellows in the fall. Drought resistant.

H: 50 Feet  ·   S: 35 Feet  ·   Zone: 4


Buxus NewGen™ Independence® PP28888

Deep green lustrous evergreen leaves on a rounded slow-growing habit. Performs best in partial shade and is Boxwood Blight and Leafminer resistant.

H: 3 Feet  ·   S: 3 Feet  ·   Zone: 6

Little Leaf Boxwood

Buxus microphylla 'Little Missy' PP24703

'Little Missy' Little Leaf Boxwood is an excellent substitute for Buxus 'Justin Brouwers' is areas where Boxwood Blight is increasingly a problem. The Buxus microphylla cultivars are much more resistant to the effects of the blight, and 'Little Missy', with it's compact mounding habit and diminutive size works well where really small Boxwoods are needed. The leaves are lustrous dark green and tolerate sun well. Buxus 'Little Missy' does well with trimming, so it can be used to make knot gardens and short formal hedges.

H: 2 Feet  ·   S: 2 Feet  ·   Zone: 5

Little Leaf Boxwwod

Buxus microphylla var. japonica Baby Gem™ PP21159

Baby Gem™ ('Gregem') Little Leaf Boxwood is a sport of Buxus 'Winter Gem' with a tighter habit and neater foliage. Although Buxus Baby Gem™ eventually reaches the size of its parent, it is slower growing and needs little pruning. The summer color is a good dark green, and Baby Gem™ does not bronze in winter. An introduction from Greenleaf Nursery of Oklahoma.

H: 4 Feet  ·   S: 4 Feet  ·   Zone: 5

Little Leaf Boxwood

Buxus microphylla var. japonica 'Jim Stauffer'

Often called 'Tru Spreader', 'Jim Stauffer' Little Leaf Boxwood is a slow, low growing evergreen which exhibits good winter color and great cold tolerance.

H: 3 Feet  ·   S: 4 Feet  ·   Zone: 5

Little Leaf Boxwood

Buxus microphylla var. koreana 'Winter Gem'

'Winter Gem' Little Leaf Boxwood has large glossy evergreen leaves with bronze backs and an upright rounded habit. Winter color is a bronzy green.

H: 4 Feet  ·   S: 4 Feet  ·   Zone: 6

Little Leaf Boxwood

Buxus microphylla var. koreana 'Wintergreen'

'Wintergreen' Little Leaf Boxwood has dark evergreen leaves and maintains its green winter color well. It has a rounded habit and is very hardy. Introduced by Scarff Nursery of Ohio.

H: 4 Feet  ·   S: 5 Feet  ·   Zone: 5

Common Boxwood

Buxus sempervirens 'Dee Runk'

'Dee Runk' Common Boxwood has glossy dark green foliage that makes its conical shape a standout. It is evergreen, disease resistant and slow growing and is an exciting newcomer to the Boxwood scene.

H: 10 Feet  ·   S: 3 Feet  ·   Zone: 6

Common Boxwood

Buxus sempervirens 'Fastigiata'

Fastigiate Common Boxwood has dark green foliage which often has a bluish cast to the evergreen leaves. The habit is a neat upright cone, somewhat wider at the base than B. 'Dee Runk'. Buxus s. 'Fastigiata' shows minimal bronzing in the winter, and makes an impressive formal specimen.

H: 10 Feet  ·   S: 4 Feet  ·   Zone: 6

Common Boxwood

Buxus sempervirens 'Vardar Valley'

'Vardar Valley' Common Boxwood is an unusually tough Buxus sempervirens, with excellent insect and disease resistance coupled with attractive green foliage that has a distinctive bluish cast. It was found by Edgar Anderson of the Arnold Arboretum and Missouri Botanical Garden in 1945, along a river in Macedonia. After years of observation it was named and released by the Arnold Arboretum because of its proven excellence. Slow growing and compact, it forms an excellent low maintenance shrub for shady locations.

H: 3 Feet  ·   S: 4 Feet  ·   Zone: 5


Buxus x 'Green Gem'

A cross between B. sinica var. insularis and B. sempervirens, 'Green Gem' Boxwood is a slow growing round evergreen that combines excellent hardiness with good winter color. An introduction by Sheridan Nurseries of Ontario, Canada.

H: 2 Feet  ·   S: 2 Feet  ·   Zone: 4


Buxus x 'Green Mound'

Very compact, perfectly mounding, broadleaf evergreen shrub reaching 2-3’ height and width and requiring little shaping. Glossy, small green foliage remains nice throughout the year. Highly deer and rabbit resistant.

H: 2 Feet  ·   S: 2 Feet  ·   Zone: 4

Little Leaf Boxwood

Buxus x 'Green Mountain'

'Green Mountain' Little Leaf Boxwood has a pyramidal shape and small evergreen leaves that show some bronzing in winter. Buxus x 'Green Mountain' is from selections made at Sheridan Nurseries of Ontario.

H: 5 Feet  ·   S: 3 Feet  ·   Zone: 4


Buxus x 'Green Velvet'

'Green Velvet' Boxwood is a very hardy selection from Sheridan Nurseries in Canada. Glossy evergreen foliage on a round maintenance free shrub.

H: 3 Feet  ·   S: 4 Feet  ·   Zone: 5

European Hornbeam

Carpinus betulus

Neat green lanceolate leaves are held on tight fine twigs until late fall. The easily pruned and upright habit makes this an excellent large screen or formal hedge.

H: 40 Feet  ·   S: 30 Feet  ·   Zone: 4

European Hornbeam

Carpinus betulus Emerald Avenue® PP22814

Neat dark green leaves on a tight oval habit, followed by good yellow fall color. A tough, attractive street tree option.

H: 40 Feet  ·   S: 28 Feet  ·   Zone: 5

European Hornbeam

Carpinus betulus 'Fastigiata'

Fastigate European Hornbeam is an excellent tree for urban or formal sites because of its tight, extremely regular form and excellent disease resistance. When young, Carpinus betulus 'Fastigiata' is narrow and very upright, but it broadens into a dense tight pyramidal oval as it matures. The leaves are neat and relatively small, and since the form never needs pruning, Carpinus is a maintenance-free tree. Even without foliage, the dense branching makes this an excellent screening tree in winter.

H: 40 Feet  ·   S: 25 Feet  ·   Zone: 4

European - Hornbeam

Carpinus betulus 'Frans Fontaine'

'Frans Fontaine' European Hornbeam is more columnar than Carpinus betulus 'Fastigiata', but is equally resilient in urban and suburban conditions. The narrower habit makes Carpinus 'Frans Fontaine' a good candidate for narrower spaces or street tree applications. The fall color of the tidy foliage is a clear yellow, and winter interest is provided by the upright, densely branched form. Since all Carpinus varieties are a fall digging hazard, container production makes the planting season much longer.

H: 40 Feet  ·   S: 20 Feet  ·   Zone: 5

American Hornbeam

Carpinus caroliniana Rising Fire® PP27655

Neat green serrated foliage is held on a columnar habit. Fall color is shades of orange and red. A good native choice for tall hedges or street trees.

H: 30 Feet  ·   S: 15 Feet  ·   Zone: 4


Celtis occidentalis Prairie Sentinel®

Coarse green disease resistant foliage on a tightly columnar habit makes Prairie Sentinel™ an excellent street tree for multiple urban conditions.

H: 45 Feet  ·   S: 12 Feet  ·   Zone: 3

Eastern Redbud

Cercis canadensis Golden Falls® PP31658

Pink pea-shaped flowers cover branches before large heart-shaped yellow leaves emerge in early spring. Short and compact, with a weeping form.

H: 12 Feet  ·   S: 6 Feet  ·   Zone: 5

Eastern Redbud

Cercis canadensis Lavender Twist™ PP10328

Lavender Twist™ ('Covey') Eastern Redbud has purplish rose flowers in April and May on an umbrella-shaped crown. Lavender Twist™ is a great introduction from Tim Brotsman, found by him in New York State in the garden of Mrs. Covey.

H: 8 Feet  ·   S: 10 Feet  ·   Zone: 5

Eastern Redbud

Cercis canadensis 'Ruby Falls' PP22097

'Ruby Falls' Redbud is a weeping form of 'Forest Pansy', long awaited by avid plantsmen and brought to us by Dr. Dennis Werner of NCSU. The velvety purple foliage is displayed on graceful weeping branches, making a spectacular show in spring and early summer before it ages to greenish bronze. Its rosy purple flowers emerge before the leaves unfold. The name was chosen by 5 year old Porter Neubauer of Tennessee, undoubtedly a great future nurseryman.

H: 8 Feet  ·   S: 8 Feet  ·   Zone: 6