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Big Bluestem

Andropogon gerardii 'Blackhawks' PP27949

Reddish turkey foot inflorescences in August turn to silvery seedheads in fall. Foliage takes on deep purple hues in August and September. Important food source for song birds in fall and winter.

H: 60 Inches  ·   S: 24 Inches  ·   Zone: 4

Big Bluestem

Andropogon gerardii 'Red October' PP26283

'Red October' Big Bluestem is an exciting color breakthrough for this tough native grass. The leaves are tipped with burgundy and held on tall upright green stems in summer. The fall the foliage turns a bright scarlet red for several weeks after the first frost. 'Red October' also has red turkey-foot-shaped seed, particularly showy when backlit. The sturdy upright stems are an attractive tan in winter. An important food source for winter birds. Introduced by Intrinsic Perennials.

H: 60 Inches  ·   S: 24 Inches  ·   Zone: 3

Bushy Bluestem

Andropogon glomeratus

Warm season grass with silvery pink, fluffy, brush-like inflorescences and following seedheads starting in September and persisting through much of winter into February or March. Strappy blue-green leaf blades turn a nice bronzy-orange in autumn and remain colorful into the winter. Showy seedheads are good for dried or fresh arrangements. Prefers moist to wet soil conditions. Tolerant of black walnut and air pollution.

H: 60 Inches  ·   S: 30 Inches  ·   Zone: 5

Andropogon ternarius
Splitbeard Bluestem

Andropogon ternarius

H: 36 Inches  ·   S: 18 Inches  ·   Zone: 6

Big Bluestem

Andropogon ternarius 'Black Mountain'

Silver inflorescences on reddish stems in fall follow the blue green summer foliage. Very tolerant of poor soils and dry sites.

H: 36 Inches  ·   S: 18 Inches  ·   Zone: 6


Andropogon virginicus

Broom-sedge or Beardgrass is a tough native grass that adds great beauty to sterile, dry meadows and open fields. The green upright stems take on shades of reddish burgundy in September, as they are coming into flower. The seedheads are an airy silver displayed all along the grass stems, and are particularly stunning when backlit by afternoon light. The fall and winter color of the strong upright stems is a bright ornage tan

H: 36 Inches  ·   S: 24 Inches  ·   Zone: 5