Cornus racemosa

Gray Dogwood

A native multi-stemmed shrub with multiple seasons of interest, Cornus racemosa is one of those underutilized understory species that maintains quite a significant role in our North American wilderness, and is just recently beginning to gain traction as a landscape plant. Racemes of small white flowers appear between May and June, giving way to greyish-white fruits that contrast against pink-tinged stems that persist from flowering and throughout the display of the fruit, which can last for several months and often persist into winter if not eaten by native bird species. The highly adaptable nature of this shrub makes it perfect for naturalizing low-lying wet spots, along streambanks and wet meadows or as a native shrub element in the rain garden. However, in its natural habitat, Cornus racemosa has been known to grow on rocky outcroppings and tolerate periods of drought. From the whitish-grey fruits to the grayish-green foliage, it’s no wonder that this versatile shrub has coined its common name, Gray Dogwood. The grayish-green foliage takes on a warm rainbow of purples, maroons, and reds in the fall before dropping. The multi-stemmed habit makes it ideal for sheltering birds and small mammals throughout the growing season, while the spring-blooming flowers provide nectar for bees, flies, and wasps.


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