Cornus officinalis 'Kintoki'

Japanese Cornel Dogwood

'Kintoki' Japanese Cornel Dogwood has small brilliant yellow flowers in March, interesting multi-colored bark, and vivid red fruit in fall. It blooms 2 weeks earlier than Cornus mas and was selected in Japan as an excellent cut flower plant. 'Kintoki' was introduced into the US by Barry Yinger through Brookside Gardens.

PRN Preferred:  Very showy early yellow blooms, exfoliating bark and brilliant fall color and bright red fruit, a true multi-season plant.

  • Category: Woody Ornamentals
  • Alternate Cultivar: Kintoki
  • Hardiness Zone: 5
  • Height: 20 Feet
  • Spread: 10 Feet
  • Bloom Color: Yellow


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