Fagus grandifolia

American Beech

American Beech is one of our most stately native trees, and also one of the most problematic ones to transplant B&B. As a result, we are growing it in containers so everyone can have a chance to marvel at its beauty in their own landscape. The bark is beautiful all year, maintaining its silver-gray color throughout its lifespan. The summer leaves are a large and glossy dark green, often turning an attractive golden bronze in the fall. The juvenile beeches usually retain their foliage throughout the winter, turning to a soft whitish-tan after the fall. When Fagus grandifolia is mature enough to bear fertile nuts, it is a very important food source for birds and mammals.


Qty Description Comments Future Crop Future Crop Ready Date
35 Fagus grandifolia #10 6-7'+ (0.75) (NATIVE) Login for pricing
15 Fagus grandifolia #15 5-6'+ (1.25)(NATIVE) Login for pricing
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