Amelanchier canadensis

Canada Serviceberry

Considered to be one of the major “Keystone Species”, Amelanchier canadensis is as ornamentally interesting as it is ecologically valuable. Small, white, fragrant flowers appear in April and May, which are visited by bees and other early emerging pollinators. In June and July, purple drupes emerge that are enjoyed by birds and small mammals, and are also culinarily valuable to humans. The fruits can be processed into jams and jellies for baking. In autumn, foliage turns varied shades of red and orange that add a lovely splash of color to the landscape. Canada Serviceberry is highly adaptable to a wide range of soil types, typically preferring medium, well-drained soils but able to tolerate clay and soils with higher moisture content. This is a host plant for the larval stage of the Viceroy butterfly as well as the Red-spotted Purple butterfly. Despite its fruits being loved by wildlife, Amelanchier canadensis tends to be mostly deer resistant.


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