Solidago odora

Sweet Goldenrod

Solidago odora, known commonly as Sweet Goldenrod, or Anise-scented Goldenrod, is a native perennial with fragrant, dark green foliage that is topped by golden yellow, arching plumes in late summer. From July to October, the showy display of flowers invites a variety of bee and butterfly species to the garden. Flowers also make an excellent addition to both fresh and dried cut arrangements. Sweet Goldenrod’s ability to handle more shady conditions than other species in the Solidago genus makes it adaptable to partially shaded woodland sites. Solidago odora can tolerate clay soils, as well as poor, dry soils, and once established can tolerate drought conditions. Songbirds will eat the seedheads if left to persist on the plant following its bloom period. Due to the presence of volatile oils which give it its sweet licorice-like fragrance, the leaves of Sweet Goldenrod can be used in tea, and in fact were utilized by colonists as part of a tea substitute following the Boston Tea Party. Solidago odora was declared the Official State Herb of Delaware in 1996, and is considered a threatened species in New Hampshire, Ohio, and Vermont.

  • Category: Perennials
  • Hardiness Zone: 4
  • Height: 36 Inches
  • Spread: 18 Inches
  • Bloom Color: Yellow


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