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Semi-Evergreen Plants

Success! The following plants match your search request. We've included all matches below. Click on any plant to learn additional details.


Ajuga reptans Feathered Friends™ 'Cordial Canary' PPAF

Violet blue flower spikes top low growing lime green to yellow foliage in spring. A colorful low groundcover to lighten up shady areas.

H: 6 Inches  ·   S: 18 Inches  ·   Zone: 4


Ajuga reptans Feathered Friends™ 'Fierce Falcon' PPAF

Short blue flower spikes top dark purple ground-hugging foliage in spring. A good spreading semi-evergreen groundcover for shade.

H: 6 Inches  ·   S: 18 Inches  ·   Zone: 4


Ajuga reptans 'Pink Lightning' PP22255

Short mauve pink flower spikes above crinkled green and white leaves in mid spring. A semi-evergreen shade groundcover.

H: 6 Inches  ·   S: 6 Inches  ·   Zone: 4

Russian Wormwood

Artemisia gmelinii SunFern™ 'Olympia' PP33775

Fern-like foliage adorns this tough, full sun perennial. Placement in a hot and dry spot location is best but it will happily live in more typical landscape soils.

H: 20 Inches  ·   S: 20 Inches  ·   Zone: 4

Chinese Ginger

Asarum splendens

The large shiny dark green leaves of Chinese Ginger have heavy silver mottling. The interesting burgundy brown flowers are found beneath the leaves. It is semi-evergreen and slow growing. Prefers a dry site.

H: 8 Inches  ·   S: 10 Inches  ·   Zone: 6


Bignonia capreolata 'Dragon Lady'

Salmon red trumpet-shaped flowers on a background of neat leaves in early to mid summer. Foliage turns bronzy purple in fall and is semi-evergreen.

H: 20 Feet  ·   Zone: 4

Serbian Bellflower

Campanula portenschlagiana 'Birch Hybrid'

Profuse masses of bluish purple, cup-shaped flowers appear above small green foliage from June to September. Great choice for trailing along walls and edges or between crevices.

H: 6 Inches  ·   S: 12 Inches  ·   Zone: 4

White-tinged Sedge

Carex albicans

Insignificant green flower spikes emerge above thread-like arching green leaves in May. The fine semi-evergreen foliage makes a great lawn substitute for shady locations.

H: 20 Inches  ·   S: 20 Inches  ·   Zone: 4

Cherokee Sedge

Carex cherokeensis

Cherokee Sedge is an increasingly rare native that tolerates a wide range of conditions throughout the Southeast. The fine green foliage is fountain-like in habit, and the clumps slowly widen to make a natural looking groundcover. It tolerates dry conditions but is happiest in moist sites. Since it is deer resistant as well as at home in both sun and shade, this Carex deserves more usage. Avoid hard cutback.

H: 18 Inches  ·   S: 12 Inches  ·   Zone: 6

Bristleleaf Sedge

Carex eburnea

Native cool season sedge perfect for adding a soft textural accent to the shady rock garden. Can be used as an accent, groundcover, or lawn alternative. Deer and heavy shade resistant.

H: 8 Inches  ·   S: 8 Inches  ·   Zone: 2

Glaucous Sedge

Carex flacca 'Blue Zinger'

'Blue Zinger' Glaucous Sedge has beautiful grayish blue foliage that is similar in color to Festuca 'Elijah Blue', but 'Blue Zinger' is much more tolerant of different sites, going from shade to full sun. Carex flacca 'Blue Zinger' spreads rapidly to make a good tight groundcover.

H: 6 Inches  ·   S: 18 Inches  ·   Zone: 4

Gray's Sedge

Carex grayi

Gray's Sedge is a tall Carex which thrives in wet and shady locations. The light green semi-evergreen foliage grows 2', and is topped by 3' flower stems. The blooms rapidly turn to fascinating 1" spiky stars which are attractive in flower arrangements, fresh or dried. Carex grayi thrives in moist to wet conditions, so it naturally occurs along stream banks and edges of ponds. It is a striking addition to rain gardens and bioswales, and tolerates full sun if kept moist.

H: 36 Inches  ·   S: 24 Inches  ·   Zone: 5

Pennsylvania Sedge

Carex pensylvanica

Pennsylvania Sedge has fine green leaves which are semi-evergreen, spreading slowly by rhizomes to form a tough groundcover in shady areas. Most effective if planted in mass. It can be used instead of grass in the shade. It is very tolerant of foot traffic as well. Mow infrequently.

H: 8 Inches  ·   S: 12 Inches  ·   Zone: 4

Texas Sedge

Carex texensis

H: 10 Inches  ·   S: 14 Inches  ·   Zone: 5

Golden Star

Chrysogonum virginianum 'Superstar'

'Superstar' Golden Star makes a lovely delicate green carpet in shady and sunny locations. The slightly fuzzy green foliage is studded with lots of bright yellow simple flowers in mid to late spring, with some reblooming when moisture is adequate. Originally named after the American Rock Garden Society's Norman Singer, this native groundcover is both deer resistant and very easy to grow. 'Superstar' was renamed to reflect the fact that the foliage is significantly cleaner and more vigorous, remaining attractive long after the vivid flower display finishes. James Brown, the Carex King of New Moon Nursery, says it's his favorite Chrysogonum.

H: 5 Inches  ·   S: 12 Inches  ·   Zone: 5


Comptonia peregrina

Sweetfern is a small but widely suckering shrub that energetically colonizes dry, sterile areas. Foliage is green and fragrant (it's in the Bayberry family), with a fern-like texture. The semi-evergreen leaves turn bronzy green in the winter.

H: 3 Feet  ·   S: 6 Feet  ·   Zone: 2

Tufted Hairgrass

Deschampsia cespitosa 'Goldtau'

Golden yellow inflorescences bloom from July to September, topping dark green fine blades. Semi-evergreen and clump forming. Seedheads are attractive through the winter.

H: 18 Inches  ·   S: 24 Inches  ·   Zone: 4

Autumn Fern

Dryopteris erythrosora Brilliance™

Brilliance™ Autumn Fern was selected for its striking new fronds which emerge throughout the spring and summer in shades of salmon, copper and orange. The semi-evergreen fronds then mature to glossy medium green, adding a bright note to woodland settings. Since Autumn Ferns spread slowly by rhizomes, they make a good groundcover in shady sites. Consistent moisture is needed to promote new frond production.

H: 24 Inches  ·   S: 24 Inches  ·   Zone: 5

Wallich's Wood Fern

Dryopteris wallichiana 'Jurassic Gold' PP32735

Emerging fronds are vivid shades of yellow, orange or gold in spring. Fronds mature to bright green with darker scales on the stems. Semi-evergreen clumper.

H: 24 Inches  ·   S: 18 Inches  ·   Zone: 6

Dixie Wood Fern

Dryopteris x australis

Dixie Wood Fern has shiny green foliage which is large and dramatic. It is a vigorous cross between the Log Fern and the Southern Wood Fern. A large, semi-evergreen clump.

H: 48 Inches  ·   S: 24 Inches  ·   Zone: 5


Epimedium grandiflorum 'Lilafee'

The beautiful violet flowers of 'Lilafee' Barrenwort are large in size, over neat, delicate foliage in April. Epimediums thrive in dry shade and 'Lilafee' is semi-evergreen. An interesting fact about Epimediums is that they are in the Barberry family (hence deer resistant).

H: 10 Inches  ·   S: 18 Inches  ·   Zone: 3


Epimedium grandiflorum 'Purple Pixie'

'Purple Pixie' Barrenwort was found by Dr Richard Lighty in his own garden, as a surprising sport of Epimedium grandiflorum 'Alba'. The delicate flowers are a deep violet purple with extended white spurs, and they hover over the fine green foliage in April. 'Purple Pixie' makes an excellent semi-evergreen clump in shady dry locations, and the refined, heart-shaped leaves emerge in the spring in shades of burgundy and purple. 'Purple Pixie' performed very well in the Chicago Botanic Garden's Epimedium trials.

H: 12 Inches  ·   S: 12 Inches  ·   Zone: 5


Epimedium grandiflorum 'Red Beauty'

'Red Beauty' Barrenwort has large rosy red flowers held above the semi-evergreen foliage in April. It spreads slowly to make an excellent groundcover for dry shady sites. This is a hard-to-find Epimedium, but worth the hunt since its long spurred blooms are very showy.

H: 16 Inches  ·   S: 18 Inches  ·   Zone: 4


Epimedium grandiflorum 'Rose Queen'

Epimedium grandiflorum 'Rose Queen' has rosy pink flowers of large size in April, making it a very showy Barrenwort. It thrives in dry shade and is semi-evergreen. The flowers look like miniature Columbines hovering above the leaves.

H: 12 Inches  ·   S: 18 Inches  ·   Zone: 3