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Spring Plants

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Fragrant Abelia

Abelia mosanensis

Fragrant Abelia has very fragrant pink tubular flowers with white centers that bloom in May and June. The glossy green foliage turns orangey red in fall. Abelia mosanensis is very hardy and easy to grow. This plant was introduced from Latvia. (New name is Zabelia tyaihyonii)

H: 5 Feet  ·   S: 5 Feet  ·   Zone: 4


Abelia x grandiflora 'Rose Creek'

Abelia x grandiflora 'Rose Creek' provides a wonderful presence in the landscape with its plentiful fragrant white flowers and red-tinged stems on new growth. 'Rose Creek' Abelia will bloom beginning in May and last through the summer into September. (New name is Linnaea × grandiflora 'Rose Creek'.)

H: 4 Feet  ·   S: 3 Feet  ·   Zone: 6

Red Maple

Acer rubrum Armstrong Gold® PP25301

Green summer foliage turns bright golden orange in fall. Excellent street tree with good tolerance to a number of environmental conditions.

H: 40 Feet  ·   S: 12 Feet  ·   Zone: 4

Red Maple

Acer rubrum October Glory® PP2116

October Glory® Red Maple has green leaves following the attractive red flowers which are one of the earliest signs of spring for us in the Northeast. The fall color of October Glory® is a deep rich red and occurs 2 weeks later than other cultivars. This oval-shaped, wet site tolerant tree was found by our father, William Flemer III and has proved to be one of the best cultivars for Southern hot summers.

H: 40 Feet  ·   S: 25 Feet  ·   Zone: 4

Red Maple

Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset'

The uniformly rounded head of Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset' ('Franksred') is set off by early red flowers in spring and bright reddish orange foliage in fall. This wet site tolerant native was introduced by J. Frank Schmidt Nursery in Oregon.

H: 45 Feet  ·   Zone: 4

Red Maple

Acer rubrum Redpointe® PP16769

Leathery dark green foliage, insignificant blooms in spring. Strong central leaded and vivid red early fall color.

H: 45 Feet  ·   S: 30 Feet  ·   Zone: 4

Sugar Maple

Acer saccharum 'Green Mountain' PP2339

Inconspicuous greenish yellow flowers appear in April before the leathery dark green leaves emerge. The oval shape is beautiful, as is the yellow to orange fall color.

H: 70 Feet  ·   S: 45 Feet  ·   Zone: 4

White Baneberry - Doll's Eyes

Actaea pachypoda

White flower spikes appear above green Astilbe-like foliage in spring. White berries with a black dot on the end, looking like doll's eyes, appear in summer. The fruit is highly toxic.

H: 24 Inches  ·   S: 30 Inches  ·   Zone: 3

Red Buckeye

Aesculus pavia 'Splendens'

We grow our own selection of Red Buckeye, selected by us from a field of mature trees at Princeton Nurseries. The characteristics that guided our choices were clean, disease-free foliage, very dark showy 5" upright panicles in May, and a strong tree-form habit. We propagate our selection 'Splendens' from the seed of the five trees we moved to Pleasant Run Nursery. The resulting plants have the outstanding qualities of their parents, and we grow them as tree-form. Aesculus pavia 'Splendens' makes a tough beautiful small tree. Besides the flower display and the attractive dark green summer foliage, the fall color is a clean yellow and the brown chestnuts feed the wildlife.

H: 20 Feet  ·   S: 15 Feet  ·   Zone: 4


Ajuga reptans 'Black Scallop' PP15815

The deep purple shiny leaves of 'Black Scallop' ('Binblasca') Bugleweed have ruffled edges. Deep blue flower spikes appear on Ajuga in late spring. From Mike Tristram of the UK.

H: 3 Inches  ·   S: 6 Inches  ·   Zone: 6


Ajuga reptans 'Burgundy Glow'

The foliage of Ajuga reptans 'Burgundy Glow' is composed of stunning shades of pink, white and purple, with blue flower spikes adding to the show in late spring.

H: 3 Inches  ·   S: 6 Inches  ·   Zone: 6


Ajuga reptans 'Catlin's Giant'

'Catlin's Giant' Bugleweed has bronze leaves that are much larger than other Ajugas, sporting blue flower spikes in late spring. A rapid-spreading evergreen groundcover.

H: 6 Inches  ·   S: 12 Inches  ·   Zone: 4


Ajuga reptans 'Chocolate Chip'

'Chocolate Chip' ('Valfredda') Bugleweed has tiny purplish chocolate foliage with violet-blue flower spikes in late spring. This Ajuga makes an excellent groundcover around stepping stones. It came to the US from Italy.

H: 2 Inches  ·   S: 4 Inches  ·   Zone: 4


Ajuga reptans Feathered Friends™ 'Cordial Canary' PPAF

Violet blue flower spikes top low growing lime green to yellow foliage in spring. A colorful low groundcover to lighten up shady areas.

H: 6 Inches  ·   S: 18 Inches  ·   Zone: 4


Ajuga reptans Feathered Friends™ 'Fierce Falcon' PPAF

Short blue flower spikes top dark purple ground-hugging foliage in spring. A good spreading semi-evergreen groundcover for shade.

H: 6 Inches  ·   S: 18 Inches  ·   Zone: 4


Ajuga reptans Feathered Friends™ 'Parrot Paradise' PPAF

Cobalt blue flower spikes are held above flat tri-colored evergreen foliage in spring. The leaves are a combination of chartreuse, bronze and red.

H: 6 Inches  ·   S: 18 Inches  ·   Zone: 4


Ajuga reptans 'Pink Lightning' PP22255

Short mauve pink flower spikes above crinkled green and white leaves in mid spring. A semi-evergreen shade groundcover.

H: 6 Inches  ·   S: 6 Inches  ·   Zone: 4


Ajuga x Feathered Friends™ 'Tropical Toucan'

Cobalt blue blooms from appear from April to June above puckered, electric yellow foliage that remains evergreen year-round in part shade to full shade conditions. Heat tolerant, deer and rabbit resistant.

H: 6 Inches  ·   S: 12 Inches  ·   Zone: 4

Lady's Mantle

Alchemilla mollis 'Thriller'

'Thriller' Lady's Mantle blooms in May and June, producing airy delicate chartreuse yellow flowers held above fuzzy bluish green leaves. 'Thriller' has somewhat larger pleated leaves than the species, and like all Alchemilla mollis, the hairy leaves repel rain water so that the foliage has attractive silver water drops on if after a gentle rain. 'Thriller' performs best in shady, moist conditions.

H: 18 Inches  ·   S: 24 Inches  ·   Zone: 3

Allium stipitatum Mount Everest
Ornamental Onion

Allium stipitatum 'Mount Everest'

Bright white pom-pom-like inflorescences packed with a dense cluster of individual white florets with green centers appear between late May and early July over strappy, arching foliage. Great for the sensory or pollinator garden. Deer resistant.

H: 30 Inches  ·   S: 20 Inches  ·   Zone: 4

Allium x Gladiator
Ornamental Onion

Allium x 'Gladiator'

A tall, showy, award-winning perennial with spiky, rose-purple, pom-pom-like inflorescences from May to July. Strappy, arching foliage creates a nice effect planted in a group. Attractive to pollinators. Deer resistant.

H: 40 Inches  ·   S: 20 Inches  ·   Zone: 4

Canada Serviceberry

Amelanchier canadensis

H: 25 Feet  ·   S: 15 Feet  ·   Zone: 4

Canada Serviceberry

Amelanchier canadensis Rainbow Pillar® PP9092

Tall, upright deciduous shrub or small tree with fragrant white flowers from April to May, followed by blackish purple fruits in June. Low maintenance and highly adaptable to various soil conditions.

H: 18 Feet  ·   S: 8 Feet  ·   Zone: 4

Alleghany Serviceberry

Amelanchier laevis

Amelanchier laevis has white flowers in early April. The reddish purple fruit of Allegheny Serviceberry is loved by birds. Good reddish orange fall color of Amelanchier laevis makes it a wonderful landscape choice to provide interest for each season. A wet site tolerant plant.

H: 25 Feet  ·   S: 15 Feet  ·   Zone: 4