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Providing Ornamental plant material to the Wholesale Trade

Our Winter business hours are Monday-Friday 8AM-3PM.  Last load is 30 mins prior to closing.  Closed Saturdays until Spring 2024.

We are a WHOLESALE Nursery ONLY - Please do not bring your pets to the nursery.

  • Minimum order for PICK UP is $500.00
  • Minimum order for DELIVERY is $1,500.00

Once your account is established, your login is your 10 digit TELEPHONE number (no dashes or spaces).

New Customers will need to "Apply for Wholesale Pricing" to register to view the wholesale section of our website. 

IMPORTANT:  Prior to your first purchase, please complete the our New Customer form located in the Document section of the Wholesale account or one can emailed one to you.  If you have wholesale access to he website, it does not automatically establishing an account to purchase, they are two different systems.

Minimum Order Quantities

There is a six (6) plant minimum per plant for quart size, 1 and 2 gallon material, and a four (4) plant minimum per plant for 3 gallon material. There is no minimum for 5 gallon material and up.

When ordering less than the minimum, please add:

  • $1.00 per plant for 1 and 2 gallon material and quart size material
  • $2.00 per plant for 3 gallon material

While we are more than happy to accommodate orders of any size, we will be adding a convenience fee to 1, 2 and 3 gallon material under the order quantity minimums. For 1 and 2 gallon material $1.00 will be added to each plant under six (6) for all individual line items. For 3 gallon material any quantity under four (4) will be assessed $2.00 per individual line item. There is no minimum for any material that is 5 gallon or larger.


Orders may be booked and held for 30 days in advance.  If orders are not picked up or delivered after 30 days, they will be voided unless other arrangements have been made.