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Pleasant Run Nursery Availability

Inventory Last Updated on Wednesday, November 25, 2020

We are a Wholesale Nursery Only.
*Please do not bring your pets to the nursery*
  • Minimum order for PICK UP is $250.00.
  • Minimum order for DELIVERY is $1,250.00.
Please take a moment to browse our availability. If you would like to view our availability with pricing, click here to login to our wholesale page. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. The listing below allows users to filter by specific categories or search for a specific plant name or genera.  To learn more about a specific plant, simply click on the plant name and be routed to that plant record.  Future crop amounts are also displayed, please feel free to contact the office for ready date information.

Future crop quantities displayed with parenthesis (xx) represents next season's crops.  Feel free to call the office for estimated ready dates.

COVID-19 Update

Our staffed business hours are 8AM– 4PM Monday through Friday and Saturday 8AM-12PM. Last load is 30 minutes prior to closing. We would encourage you to pre-order when you can, as it allows us to pull your order prior to your arrival.
You must wear a mask and maintain social distancing. If you have any questions you will need to call the office. Please do not approach the outside team, as we are continuing to be concerned for everyone’s safety.
When you arrive at the nursery please, call the office at 609-259-8585. We will come to help you. We encourage customers to pay by credit card by calling us. We are not able to receive cash at this time, to limit direct contact with our office staff.
If you have questions or concerns about your order, please call or email us.

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Plant Categories
50 Baptisia australis #1 (blue)
21 Baptisia x Decadence Cherries Jubilee #1 (maroon/yellow bicolor) NEW 2020!
9 Baptisia x Decadence Pink Truffles #1 (soft pink) NEW 2020!
53 Baptisia x American Goldfinch #1
1 Baptisia x Decadence Vanilla Cream #1 (creamy white)
34 Bergenia x smithii Bressingham Ruby #1 (pink)
85 Betula nigra Heritage ('Cully') #15 5-6' (M.S.)
10 Bignonia capreolata Dragon Lady #2
113 Bletilla striata #1 (rosy-purple)
26 Bouteloua gracilis Blonde Ambition #2
8 Brunnera macrophylla #1 (blue)
17 Brunnera macrophylla Silver Heart #1 (blue)
7 Buddleia davidii Black Knight #3 15-18" (violet-purple)
52 Buddleia davidii Miss Molly #3 15-18" (ruby red-pink)
73 Buddleia davidii Miss Ruby #3 18-24" (magenta-pink)
102 Buddleia davidii Pink Delight #3 15-18" (true pink)
1 Buddleia davidii White Profusion #3 18-24" (white)
16 Buddleia x Flutterby Petite Blue Heaven #3 15-18" (blue)
1 Buddleia x Lo & Behold Purple Haze #3 12-15" (bluish-purple)
5 Buddleia x Lo & Behold Ruby Chip #3 (magenta-pink) NEW 2020!
15 Buxus NewGen Freedom #3 12-15" (Grown Blight Compliant) NEW 2020!
1 Buxus NewGen Freedom #5 18-21" (B&C) (Grown Blight Compliant) NEW 2020!
7 Buxus NewGen Independence #3 12-15" (Grown Blight Compliant) NEW 2020!
9 Buxus NewGen Independence #5 18-21" (B&C) (Grown Blight Compliant) NEW 2020!
8 Buxus microphylla Jim Stauffer #5 18-24" (B&C) (Grown Blight Compliant)
20 Buxus microphylla Little Missy #3 12-15" (B&C) (Grown Blight Compliant)
2 Buxus microphylla var. koreana Winter Gem #5 18-21" (B&C) (Grown Blight Compliant)
13 Buxus sempervirens Dee Runk #7 3-4' (B&C) (Grown Blight Compliant)
35 Buxus sempervirens Justin Brouwers #3 9-12" (Grown Blight Compliant)
5 Buxus sempervirens Justin Brouwers #5 15-18" (B&C) (Grown Blight Compliant)
16 Buxus x Green Gem #3 12" (Grown Blight Compliant)
3 Buxus x Green Mountain #5 18-21" (B&C) (Grown Blight Compliant)
8 Buxus x Green Mountain #7 18-24" (Grown Blight Compliant)
8 Buxus x Green Velvet #3 12-15" (Grown Blight Compliant)
12 Buxus x Green Velvet #5 18-24" (B&C) (Grown Blight Compliant)